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HomeBASE Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. One Year Agreement: You are purchasing the Home Warranty for one full year. Your Repair Plan is payable in twelve equal monthly installments starting when your application is accepted, or in one lump yearly sum. Unless you or HomeBASE cancel the agreement by notice given within 30 days of your agreement anniversary date, it is automatically renewed for the next 12 months at the price, terms and conditions then in effect. Your initial payment signifies acceptance of this agreement. If you add additional coverage or additional appliances or equipment, or any other additional options, within a contract year, the expiration date of your Repair Plan is extended to 12 months from the date the new coverage was added.

  2. Single Family Residence: Your Repair Plan applies to one single-family residence per agreement. For multiple family households, group homes ect please contact us directly for terms and pricing.

  3. Coverage Start: Coverage will begin upon approved application, subject to paragraph 4. You will receive a correspondence confirming coverages and start date after sign up process is completed.

  4. Equipment Operating Condition: Appliances and other equipment covered under the Home Warranty must meet local building code requirements and be in good operating condition at the time the Home Warranty coverage begins. Pre-existing conditions will not be covered under the Repair Plan. HomeBASE reserves the right to refuse coverage on any appliance or equipment determined to have a pre-existing condition. If you have a service need within the first 15 days of enrollment, the repair will be completed, but defined as a “pre-existing condition” and billed at the regular service rate. HomeBASE will bill you for service provided on “pre-existing conditions” in three equal monthly payments at 0% interest with approved credit.

  5. Parts and Technicians; Authorized Repairs: HomeBASE may use its employees (hereafter “Service Technicians”) or qualified, local, and industry trained independent providers (hereafter “Service Providers”) to perform covered service. The Repair Plan is not responsible for charges or fees for service or parts purchased or installed by you or performed by anyone other than a Service Technician or a Service Provider.

  6. Parts Availability: HomeBASE reserves the right to restrict specific makes of equipment from eligibility due to availability of parts from the manufacturer. The choice of parts to be used shall be at the sole discretion of HomeBASE.

  7. Right to Refuse Repair: If HomeBASE estimates the cost of a covered repair to be more than the value of your appliance, or if covered parts are no longer available, HomeBASE may decline to make the repair and recommend that you replace the appliance or other covered equipment.

  8. Repaired Or Replaced Appliances: Appliances on the Repair Plan, including appliances that have been repaired or replaced, may not be substituted, or removed from the Repair Plan during the 12 months following enrollment, service or replacement.

  9. Your Responsibilities to HomeBASE: You agree to protect and hold harmless HomeBASE from any and all claims, damages and liability caused by your fault or negligence, or your failure to comply with this agreement. If HomeBASE is made a party (without fault on its part) to any lawsuit or arbitration started by or against you, you agree to protect and hold HomeBASE harmless, and to pay all costs, expenses and attorneys’ fees and costs incurred or paid by HomeBASE in connection with that lawsuit or arbitration. You also agree to pay all costs, expenses and attorneys’ fees that HomeBASE may incur or pay in enforcing this agreement

  10. HomeBASE Account: HomeBASE reserves the right to withhold or cancel your HomeSmart service if your HomeBASE account is past due. Any disputes to Repair Plan charges must be made within 90 days of the invoice date. You accept all charges not disputed within 90 days. In addition, if you fail to pay for services rendered and collection efforts become necessary, you shall be responsible for any fees, including attorney fees, that result from failure to pay.

  11. Business Hours: Priority service requests are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Priorities constitute either i) no heat repair calls are from dates of December 15th to March 15th or ii) actively leaking water sourced from a covered appliance or system not controlled by a stop valve. Routine repair, maintenance and service call scheduling is provided Monday through Friday during normal working hours. If you smell gas, suspect a gas leak, or Co2 device has activated leave immediately and call 911.

  12. Moving And Relocation; Cancellations: If you move or relocate outside the HomeBASE Repair Plan territory, you can terminate the        agreement if you have filed no claims in the previous 12 months. If you have had service during that time, a cancellation fee shall apply. If you move into another area served by the Repair Plan, your agreement will be transferred to your new address. In either case, you must contact a HomeBASE account representative to cancel or transfer your account.


HomeBASE Warranty Exclusion (Non-Covered Items)

  1. Abnormal Conditions, Hazards and Conditions Beyond Our Control: Repair Plan service does not cover any materials, parts or labor required as a result of abuse, vandalism, fire, freezing, inadequate or defective electrical wiring, plumbing, power or water supply outages, corrosion, negligence, flood, flooded basements, rodents, acts of nature or other abnormal conditions, improper installation, misuse, manufacturer defects or manufacturer recalls. HomeBASE will not perform repairs that in HomeBASE Warranties sole discretion (or the discretion of the Service Technician or Service Provider) would violate a local, state or federal law, code or regulation.

  2. Installation, Inspection: Repair Plan service does not include appliance installation, disconnection, inspection and manufacturer recommended maintenance or recalls, removal of old appliances, and certification of appliances or systems

  3. Cosmetic, Flues and Venting: Repair Plan service does not include parts, labor or failure of appliance cabinets, linings, frames, paint, finishes, flues or venting systems beyond the appliance covered under the Repair Plan.

  4. Commercial Appliances: Repair Plan service does not cover non-residential appliances or equipment, such as roof-top units, coin-operated clothes washers or dryers, and commercial appliances.

  5. Miscellaneous: Repair Plan service does not include any other appliances, part, or related labor not shown on the Coverage List; any appliance which is missing the manufacturer’s original model and serial data plate.

  6. Damages and Limitations on Recovery: HomeBASE is not responsible for any damages, illness or injury caused by delays, refusal to service, availability of parts, labor difficulties and other conditions beyond our control. HomeBASE is not responsible for costs of food spoilage or other incidental damages in any circumstance, due to a malfunctioning or inoperable appliance or system. The responsibility and liability of HomeBASE for payment of damages to you, shall not exceed the reasonable market cost for repair or replacement of the item or equipment covered under the Repair Plan that is damaged or in dispute.

  7. Heating and Cooling Systems Limitations: Repair Plan service is limited to the HVAC primary appliance and does not include accessories, such as humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, air purifiers, zoning controls and systems, and air exchangers. Water heaters used for residential heating must carry both water heater and heating coverage for heating repairs to be performed. Service also does not include replacement of dirty or damaged media filters, which are the customer’s responsibility and part of regular maintenance and upkeep. Leaking air conditioning refrigerant does not constitute appliance failure, and Repair Plan service does not include identification and repair of refrigerant leak(s). Further, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes guidelines for refrigerant use and handling, and HomeBASE complies with these regulations. Thermostat batteries should be replaced on a regular basis and checked frequently. Service calls for inoperative HVAC equipment due exclusively to loss of battery power at the thermostat will be billed at the normal service rate.

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